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Born in 1980 in Recife, Brazil

Grown up in Hamburg

Mother of six children

2002 studied painting at the Sint-Lucas Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, Belgium


2003 studied painting/graphics at the Academy for Graphics and Book Art in Leipzig, Germany


2009 Graduated with a diploma in the painting class, Prof. Neo Rauch


2009 "Baluster" exhibition of the graduates of the class of Prof. Neo Rauch, Columbus Art Foundation, Spinnerei Leipzig


2012 Exhibition in the gallery "Ecke 23", Malchin


2012 Exhibition in the "Bodensee Art Fund", Wasserburg on Lake Constance


2014 Exhibition Plattform 3/3 Friedrichshafen

2023 Representation by Gallery 21.06, Ravensburg, Germany

2024 Exhibition in the Gallery 21.06 Ravensburg

©2023 Elis Vermeiren

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